How do I get to Tangalooma without a vehicle?
Tangalooma Ferry – walk on passengers only. Trip takes around 1hr 15min. The ferry leaves from Holt Street Wharf in Pinkenba. The ferry timetable is available from Tangalooma Resort website (http://www.tangalooma.com/location-transport/moreton-island-ferry-resort-schedule). To book your tickets call 1300 652 250 or 07 3637 2118. You will need to have your Villa/Apartment number on hand when you book. There is parking available at the ferry terminal which is charged at a per night or weekly rate. There is a bus available from Brisbane airport to Holt Street wharf for those people arriving into Brisbane airport. Please note that the Tangalooma Ferry does have luggage restrictions. Please refer to the Tangalooma website for luggage restrictions for ferry passengers. (http://www.tangalooma.com/location-transport/luggage-restrictions)

How do I get my 4WD to Moreton Island?
MICAT ferry – 4WD and walk on passengers. The barge leaves from Howard Smith Dr Port of Brisbane and takes around 1hr 30min to get to the wrecks near Tangalooma. Book your tickets as early as possible as spaces are limited and book out fast during busy times. Visit Moreton Island Adventures website for timetable and prices. https://bookings.moretonislandadventures.com.au/

Where does the MICAT land on Moreton Island?
The MICAT unloads next to the Tangalooma wrecks which is approx. 1.5kms from Tangalooma resort.

How do I get from the MICAT landing to Tangalooma resort?

  • If you are staying in a Villa, turn right when coming off the ferry and follow the beach around past the wrecks. The access road to Tangalooma resort is on the left-hand side before you reach the barricades on the beach. Follow the road until you reach the free car parking area. There are trolleys located near the gate to carry your luggage to your villa.
  • If you are staying in a Deep Blue Apartment then turn left off the barge and take Middle Rd, then Tangalooma Bypass road until you come to the Deep Blue Apartment turn off. There is parking available in your designated garage behind the apartments.

Can I Moore my own boat at Tangalooma?
Moorings are at Tangalooma are available if you are bringing your own boat. Please refer to Tangalooma Resort website for more information and costs. (http://www.tangalooma.com/location-transport/private-boat-access).